At Mockingbird Youth Theatre, we prepare children for annual London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations. This preparation is a fantastic way to increase the confidence, speaking skills, expression and performance skills of children from age five upwards.

We offer a range of exams to our Mockingbird Students designed for the individual, whether going solo, partner or group, just getting started, or ready to build on your skills.

The LAMDA exams we currently offer at Mockingbird:

The LAMDA Speaking of Verse and Prose.

Students develop a whole range of skills, from speaking clearly and using voice projection, to improving memorisation and building an understanding of poetry and prose.
The Verse and Prose exams are designed for our younger Mockingbird students. It is a great way to expose children to literature and poetry and is a great way to deepen their engagement with text in a fun way.

LAMDA Performance – Acting Exams

The Acting exams develop our students vocal, physical and interpretive skills while they develop into characters and explore background of dramatic texts. Alongside performing they also gain an understanding of the context and characters within them.
Working through the grades takes our students through the development of clear speaking and character portrayal to an understanding of a playwrights style, the influence of theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and an appreciation and understanding of subtext.
Students can take the exam by themselves (solo) or in a pair (duologue)

LAMDA – Musical Theatre

Group Musical Theatre exams encourage our students to develop their musical, acting and dance skills as a group. – performing their scenes together as a full cast.
As our students work through the grades they develop their technical skills, deepen their understanding of material and bring creative characters to their scenes.
Teamwork is very important and the group will be graded together, receiving one collective result for all their hard work.

The Key Benefits of LAMDA Examinations are

  • Opportunity to perform
  • Increased confidence
  • Clear speaking and character development.
  • Creativity and self expression.
  • Develop memory skills and build a strong speaking voice.

Once you have passed the LAMDA exam, you will have earnt a qualification that is recognised all over the world. Grades 6 and upwards the exams you can gain UCAS points to help with University entry.

Schools that liaise with us to provide LAMDA classes report an increase in confidence and improved spoken English among their students.


LAMDA began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s and are the oldest awarding organisation, offering world- renowned qualifications in communication and performance and inspiring our students to become confident communicators through drama, literature, poetry and theatre.

Mockingbird Youth Theatre have been providing LAMDA Examinations in Qatar for 6 years and have outstanding results with 80 percent of students achieving Merits and Distinctions.

About LAMDA Results

2019 showed a 100% Pass rate, with 98% achieving Merit or Distinction in their examination.

Grades 6-8 generates UCAS points. A grade 8 Distinction is worth 30 UCAS points (A level equivalent)

Success stories

  • Roxanne Gardiner – Current Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAPAA) student (Perth, Australia)
  • Connie Morrison – Graduate from Acting Coach – Scotland
  • Harry Golby – Current California Institute of the Arts student (California, US)
  • Rafe McGill – Performing opportunities with Professional Companies

Many of our students have since excelled in their careers in Drama Academies and Universities and graduating with Distinctions and performing all around the globe.

Our vision at Mockingbird is to keep enhancing young people’s lives with the performing arts.