Imagination takes flight! Confidence soars!

Our classes provide young people with a foundation of vital skills to help them succeed in school and throughout their lives. Our classes provide them with several fundamental abilities, including self-esteem, confidence, creative thinking, acting skills, public speaking skills, as well as leadership and teamwork skills. Whether your child has an active interest in performing, or simply wants to make new friends and explore the development of important attributes, Mockingbird is the perfect choice.

‘We must all do theatre to find out who we are and
to discover who we could become`
-Augusto Boal


Mockingbird Academy is dedicated to delivering a high-quality Performing Arts programme to Qatar. To nurture young talent, develop skills and build confidence, by providing access to professional theatre training in first class drama studio. It is committed to provide a cultural resource to Doha College students and the wider community, fostering collaboration among its students and associates. Mockingbird Academy is also committed to give its students an opportunity to explore their imagination, develop critical thinking and to become more creative, as they work together on vocal techniques, role play, improvisation and performance texts. Mockingbird Academy’s focus is on inclusion and quality, aiming to increase Theatre’s impact on the community.


Mockingbird is a quality driven cultural and educational academy dedicated to providing excellence in Performing Arts, that addresses the individual as well as social needs and realities of a diverse community within the state of Qatar. It offers and delivers programs that prepare the students for performance, educational drama and theatre production. Mockingbird is an academy fostering collaboration as well as individualism between its members and staff, in the pursuit of high quality performances, artistic development and education.
Mockingbird is an academy that promote inclusion at all levels, entrusted by Doha College, to provide excellence in Performing Arts training, without bias or discrimination.

Mockingbird will provide encouragement and support in the pursuit and development of new, emerging, and innovative skill sets, while recognising, supporting and reflecting on artistic history and traditions. The Academy is committed to offer opportunities for interdisciplinary performance and productions to the wider community.

The Academy will offer internationally recognised qualifications to its members, through the provision of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art examinations. Mockingbird will also actively provide opportunities to do public performances for their friends and family.


To develop collaboration, nurture personal development and communication, thereby fostering both positive interdependence and individual accountability within a group of peers. Build foundations in the ability to listen actively and express oneself clearly and with intention in spoken, written, non-verbal, visual, and performative domains.


To develop an understanding of other people’s feelings, needs and concerns helping the members pursue their goals in a less self-absorbed way, while interacting with kindness and respect, enabling them to build and sustain positive relationships.


To develop creativity, allowing imaginative and innovative artistic responses to circumstances and ideas, enabling the use of different techniques to solve problems.


Fostering courage to provide space to take intellectual and creative risks, accepting failure as part of the creative process.


To promote excitement and enjoyment, facilitating absorption of learning, knowledge and skills, enhanced concentration, and the promotion of a socially connected learning environment.